Who works with the fitness fashion segment knows the importance of investing in quality fabrics. More than the confection technique and the model of the piece, it is important that the chosen base guarantees a high performance for those who use it.

When choosing fabrics for fitness fashion, it is important to consider aspects such as elasticity, compression and breathability, which directly influence the performance and quality of the practice of exercises.

In this post, we have gathered several tips on how to choose fabrics for this segment and to please even the most demanding consumers. Check it out!

Consider the type of activity

Athletes and practitioners of physical activities are increasingly interested in increasing the performance that technological fabrics can offer. To better meet the needs of the consumer, it is important to consider the specificities and aspects that influence the efficiency of training.

For activities done outdoors, for example, it is fundamental to use fabrics with sun protection, which block the entrance of ultraviolet rays harmful to health. Activities such as CrossFit require parts with high elasticity and breathability, preventing it from tearing or getting soaked during the practice.

Know the most common pieces of fitness fashion

  • Leggings: They are tight pants that go from the waist to the ankle and are the great allies of those who love exercises because they offer practicality, comfort and safety. Because they are jersey pieces, they also work out of the exercise routine and are used on a daily basis to give more life to your movements. The best fabric for legging pants contains elasticity and gives the necessary firmness to the piece.
  • Tops: Women’s darlings at exercise time increase the comfort and safety of the practices, since they ensure the support of the breasts and reduce the impact of movements on them. The gym tops can vary between light, medium and high support to meet different types of physical activities and are extremely recommended.
  • Shorts: To vary with the leggins or to run from them when it is too hot, the shorts are excellent options for being light and fresh.
  • Bodies: The bodies have been gaining prominence in fitness fashion for uniting comfort and sophistication. They are ideal for those seeking beauty, versatility and practicality. Because they are very tight on the body, these pieces are also very safe options to practice in gyms, since they will hardly get stuck in any equipment and can cause an accident.

  • Overalls: Whether in short or long versions, overalls offer a lot of practicality because they are one piece. Because they are tight to the body, they also offer comfort and safety in physical practice.
  • T-shirts: The classic t-shirts never go out of fashion and also work for exercise practices, serving mainly those who prefer clothes more fluid and loose from the body. To meet the requirements of fitness fashion, the ideal is that they are made with lightweight fabrics.
  • Keep an eye on the trends: New color trends, prints and models are appearing all the time, motivating the search for pieces that contemplate these novelties. Therefore, it is important that the whole creation team involved in the making is following the launches and innovations of the fitness segment. Transparencies, neon colors and monochromatic looks are some of the several trends of fitness fashion for the next seasons.
  • Invest in technological fabrics: The best fabrics to work out are those that meet recurring needs, ensuring that the skin breathes, sweat is eliminated and that the sportsman can do the most varied types of movements during the practice of exercise.

These and some other characteristics should be considered when choosing the basis for fitness. Check them out:

  • Comfort: The fabric must have a differentiated touch, which provides a pleasant sensation when dressing.
  • Elasticity: Essential characteristic in fabrics for fitness fashion.
  • Maleability: This aspect is important mainly for women’s fitness clothing because it favors the fall of drapes and frills.
  • Breathability: The fabric should ensure that sweat is transported to the outside of the clothes quickly.
  • Compression: Indispensable resource for the creations of fitness fashion, because it improves the precision of the movements and the application of force in function of the muscular vibration.
  • Fast drying: Quality of fabrics that ensure a high evaporation of sweat, enhancing performance. No need of sun exposure to dry.
  • Antibacterial technology: Inhibits the proliferation of fungi and bacteria that cause stains and odors, ensuring hygiene and freshness to the wearer.
  • Resistance to chlorine: Aspect of the fabric that influences the durability of the piece for aquatic activities, providing greater resistance to chlorine present in swimming pools.
  • Sun protection: They block the entrance of UV rays, harmful to health, offering safety and protection.


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