As much as it is not exactly something new, genderless fashion has recently exploded. Cultural phenomena that celebrate the breaking of gender standards and experimentation, such as shows like RuPaul’s Drag Race and celebrities like Samira Wiley and Ezra Miller, are encouraging more and more people and brands to invest in this market.

With the increase in demand, clothing companies see, in the niche, a great opportunity. To learn more about the subject, read on!

What is genderless fashion?

Roughly speaking, genderless fashion consists of pieces and looks that can be used regardless of the person’s gender. Throughout history, it is possible to find several fashion icons who ventured along this path, such as the iconic actress Marlene Dietrich in the 30s, who conquered the world with bold looks , wearing pants and suits, something controversial for a woman to wear in time. Even today, it is possible to find reinterpretations of his classic look, with a suit and top hat style.

Marlene Dietrich, German actress and one of the first icons of unisex fashion.

Genderless fashion goes far beyond just incorporating feminine elements into masculine pieces or the other way around. Its premise is to create pieces that can be used in a comfortable and attractive way by people of all genders, with the most different types of bodies and desires.

Social networks are an important channel for the proliferation of style to continue on the rise. Accompanying the look of celebrities and influencers , such as singer Billie Eilish, known for her streetwear footprint and appreciation for comfort, followers can feel challenged and stimulated to try different styles that meet the social norms of beauty and gender.

Billie Eilish, one of the big names in the style. Photo: Instagram

Today, genderless fashion is more accessible than ever. In addition to brands and slow fashion clothing , department stores, such as C&A, recently launched collections betting on the trend.

How to adhere to genderless fashion

Contrary to what many people think, androgynous fashion is not just about baggy clothes in colors like gray and black – it can use colors and patterns of all kinds. It is necessary to be careful on this point: big brands launched collections that appeal to this outlet and were criticized for the lack of originality.

In order not to have this problem, creativity and care are needed. At the time of creation, think of pieces that can be used by all people, and pay special attention to regions such as shoulders and waists, as well as length of clothes.

The pieces can be both flashy and basic. Remember that the idea is not to look for clothes in the opposite gender session in the store, but to look for pieces without gender markings.

H&M’s collection of genderless clothing is a good example that genderless fashion is far from just wearing pieces previously reserved for one type of person.

To facilitate production, it is possible to use mannequins that do not have gender marking. With them, it is possible to explore new measures and forms of trim.

Also, don’t get stuck with part limitations. Collections often feature items such as pants and shirts, but it is possible to go further and create pieces such as dresses and skirts without distinction of gender, increasing the boldness and opportunities for people looking for this style!

Colors and prints

As already mentioned, fashion for everyone goes far beyond a sober color palette and smooth prints. As much as it is a very sought after style, nothing prevents the collection from having bold colors and flashy prints, bringing joy and dynamism to the trend.


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