The search for fashion trends for the coming seasons begins long before their arrival. This is because producers and fashion lovers seek these references in advance to be able to plan, incorporating the colors and styles that will be on the rise when consuming or producing new pieces and collections. So, the time has come to talk about what is already on the agenda in the productions of major brands for summer 2021: Fashion trends for you to stay tuned and prepare now to rock, whether in looks or in business.

According to analysts at Worth Global Style Network (WGSN), the coronavirus pandemic is the biggest driver of change in recent times. Transformations of habits and references that were expected to appear throughout the decade broke out in a matter of weeks.

All of this is reflected in the industries, which are needing to adapt to this new reality that demands, above all, flexibility, resilience and creativity.

Below, you can see not only what we can expect in terms of colors, prints and models, but also in terms of the market: What are the new post-pandemic consumption trends? What is the consumer profile that we will encounter in 2021 and how to deal with it? Just keep reading!

Color trends

In contrast to the winter ones, which bet on aggressive styles and dark colors, for the trends of summer 2021 the textile industry needed to aim in softer tones to meet the changes in behavior brought about by the pandemic and social isolation. Amid so many news and uncertainties, colors are reinforced in the attention of consumers as a form of expression and as emotional catalysts.

The palette of the season, therefore, promises to transition between the typical vibrant colors of summer, which convey the idea of ​​vitality, and the lighter and pastel tones , which reflect the feeling of harmony and tranquility. The mix is ​​perfect: vitality and calm, in balance, is all we need for the turning point of such a turbulent year.

Vibrant colors

Mango ice cream, red maple and orchid flower are some of the vibrant colors planned for the season.

Mango ice cream is Coloro ‘s shade that will bring energy points to next summer’s collections, translating into a slightly more orange variation of yellow.

The red maple , on the other hand, is part of the list that Pantone prepared for the season and suggests an infusion of glamor and striking contrasts.

Finally, Orchid Flower , another shade of Coloro, is responsible for causing a feeling of positivity in the midst of these uncertain scenarios.

Soft colors

Butter, pastel tones and olive oil will be present in the color palettes of summer 2021.

Among the palette of soft colors that will be fashion trends in summer 2021, it is worth mentioning the butter tone , by Coloro, which continues to appear after being extensively explored in the autumn / winter parades.

Pastel tones are also on the rise in summer, exploring the feeling of tranquility. The olive oil tone , also from Coloro, comes to fade the greens so vibrant that we used to find them in previous fashion shows. This variation also appears as a response to the latent demand for calm and minimalism brought about by troubled times.

Pattern trends

The refurbished floral is a strong fashion trend for 2021.

The need for contact with nature and with everything that is more natural brings the presence of floral and tropical prints, striking for the summer 2021 fashion. Painting prints and references that refer to the artistic universe will also be on the rise, meeting society’s demand for what is handcrafted.

The floral trend comes, in the season of the hottest days , exploring its softer and delicate side, with the predominance of small-scale elements and pastel bases. The main flowers used as a reference in the creations are the flowers of the field, suggesting lightness.

The tie dye will remain present in the spring summer 2021 fashion , especially in candy colors .

The behavior of digital immersion, which has been present in our daily lives for some time, ended up reinforced with isolation. It is clear that this movement would not go unnoticed by the aesthetics of fashion, which also appropriates it and, in contrast to soft craftsmanship, launches as a pattern trend for the summer of 2021 the artificial aspects provided by digital art. The tie dye will also come with everything, as well as the pattern of the abstract poles .

In the context of retro prints, always present to attest to the cyclical condition of fashion, the references of the 60s and 70s will appear more marked , through the poles and patterns in traditional chess with a sophisticated bias.

Post-pandemic fashion trends

2020 was a surprising year for the whole world and, of course, for several sectors of the industry, including fashion. Due to the pandemic of the new coronavirus, overnight, stores closed their doors, temporarily or permanently, and luxury brands had to reinvent the classic and long-awaited fashion weeks – many of which were transmitted over the internet.

In terms of numbers, in June 2020, the growth of the wholesale sector was 10.17% over June 2019, in addition to an increase of 2.20% if observed from January to June, according to the monthly survey of the Association Brazilian Wholesalers and Distributors (Abad), determined by the Fundação Instituto de Administração (Fia).

As for product values, the projection for the Broad Consumer Price Index (IPCA) of 2021 remains at 3%, according to the Focus Market Report , announced by the Central Bank. For 2022, the idea is for it to reach 3.5%.

Sales figures are expected to continue to grow, as the fabric has never been more relevant to health than it is today, as it is now necessary in the manufacture of protective masks against Covid-19 . However, for post-pandemic fashion, some overhaul will be needed.

The collections, from now on, will also not be the same. The trend is for them to become a link between the fashion universe and the feelings and expectations of the consumer of the future. But, after all, what is the profile of this new audience that is emerging?


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