If you wonder how to start a clothing brand you are in the right place. This blog article will teach you how to create a clothing brand focusing on the relationship with suppliers and textile production, we will give you applicable tips relevant to the textile world so that no one takes advantage of you and your inexperience.

This blog article is NOT going to teach you how to make a business plan, nor how to work on brand positioning, although, in some aspects, if you produce with us, we can guide you to make a decision, and even provide most of your needs with our fashion focused creative agency. But for now, we will focus only and exclusively to the garment production process.

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Today we explain exactly how the garment production process works, as there are several aspects that it covers and you will need to be up to date to start producing with this method in a satisfactory way.

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In this blog you will see deeply what it consists of and what you need to know about each of the following production processes.

  • Pattern of the garment
  • Pattern or positional design
  • Canvas selection to be painted
  • Selection of technique and production of the print
  • Final preparation of the garment.


A pattern, is a template made on paper to be copied on the fabric and make a garment.

It means that, from the fabric that you will later buy, those pieces are cut with the shape of the paper (pattern) to be printed and made.
It is something symbolic, since you can come with a pattern or without it, but you have to know what is going to be done to design with head for the target you want to address.

Let’s say that the pattern marks the style of the garment and therefore marks the style of the person who is going to wear it, it is something decisive for people who want to create a clothing brand from 0.
First of all, we recommend having a “moderately solid” idea of the garment you want and the type of person you want to market (minimum man or woman and if it is a scarf or a t-shirt for example).

What many people do when they create a brand of clothing, is take a garment, make a similar version of it, that old t-shirt you have at home and love, or something similar to what you have in mind, (maybe it’s time to go shopping…) so that we can orient ourselves when making the “mold” of the garment, (because making a pattern from 0 can be expensive, and usually people who start, do not have enough resources to do something that will look good in Vogue Magazine…


The next step, is to computer, but quiet, whether you are closer to dinosaurs, or if you are a millennial very involved in the geek theme, you do not need to master Photoshop. But to start a clothing brand you have to master Google!

One tip is to make a panel of trends, take different concepts that you like and put them all on paper, or save the images, so you can have a resource to give to the graphic designer to work on your new brand.

To launch a clothing brand you need to have some prior knowledge of the fashion world, but that doesn’t mean you have to be a catwalk guru and know all the brands on show by heart.

If you bring your homework with you, the designers will be able to advise you on what to take (they know in advance what to take, what is the trend and what sells).

Try to capture your own style that will appeal to the type of customers you are targeting and convey it to your design team.

You can choose between a positional design (logo or concept on a part of the garment) or a repeating pattern, this second option is very popular in the fashion world, with designs such as crow’s feet, paintings, animal prints (etc.)


You have to choose, according to the production process (Sublimation or printing) the fabric you want to use for your new garment.

There are a thousand and one, different tacts, elasticities, duration and quality.

We advise you to go to a showroom so you can see and compare the different fabrics and choose the one that best suits your production.


Once you know the type of fabric, you can add various effects and print finishes, depending on the technique you have chosen.

As we say in several articles, that you can read about the best textile printing technique you have many possible ways, but keep this in mind.

Sublimation for polyester,
Printing for natural fibers

But, definitely to start a clothing brand, polyester products, simply because they are cheaper, and the evolution of these fabrics has reduced both the environmental impact and the quality of the fabrics.

As advice, we say from Estamtex, think about your decision, and compare results between techniques and others, there is no definitive technique, give different results and for the same garment can be several techniques that serve you, the difference is in the price, quality and perception of the garment.


On this step you will see the fabric, the design and the pattern you have selected, finished. In this part of the process, you choose the buttons, the final finish, the thread with which it will be sewn, the finish, the packaging etc.


Let’s say you figured it out how to start a clothing brand. When you receive the first sample of the garment, check it in detail, it’s time to get out the product, overflowing threads, loose buttons, collars, falls, check it ALL.

Once you are happy with the final result it is time to finally produce the product and start moving ecommerce and marketing issues so you can sell your unique garment with your own brand of clothing.

Remember that all the steps of vertical production have a manufacturing time, that the fewer garments it is the more time it will take, and if it is not done vertically, it is usually longer as well.

You probably want to organize a collection of clothes months in advance to be able to go quietly, to be able to compare results, and not to rush into the selection of all the decisions you have to make in the field of production.

With this and a cake, you can create your brand of clothes without losing your mind and efficiently, and if you also want to create it with us because we transmit good vibes (we also play very good music in the office and invite you to coffee) you can always contact us.

Besides, we have a Showroom to choose between the fabrics that are used more nowadays and that better sell, live and in direct without having to move to many places and different suppliers (we work for example with companies that are based in Istanbul and their fabrics are exclusive).

Our manufacturing is 100% customized and your designs are exclusive, we also help you develop them and give you alternatives based on daily runway analysis.

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