Before answering how to create and launch a collection, we need to make a quick fact check about it.

What is collection?

A collection is a set of creations that you have made on a specific theme. It allows you to create a theme, a story around your creations. You have two possibilities, two different strategies linked to your collections:

  1. Either you have one or more permanent collections over the year that represent your universe and you release two exceptional collections per year (Spring / Summer and Autumn / Winter). The goal of these exceptional collections is to make products that are more sophisticated or that go a little out of your usual world.
  2. Either you have no permanent collection and you release complete new collections twice a year. It is also possible 4 times a year, (one per season) but then there are small collections with fewer pieces. Of course, in this case, the idea is not to create collections anyhow, you follow your “why” and your universe. Or a theme that serves as a common thread and that you follow as you go through your collections. Before launching a new collection, you, therefore, liquidate the stock of the previous one.

Whether you make clothes, accessories or jewelry, you can choose to create collections. It can be a color or a set of colors, patterns, or a specific theme, or a particular cut/technique. Inspiration can come from anywhere. From a photo, a film, a book, music, a historical period, a character, a walk in a park. It doesn’t matter, as long as it remains consistent with your universe, your artistic signature.

The flagship product

XUMU works with Luftkuss to create fantastic collections. Check out the full story of their new flagship, which elegantly named after us!

Whatever your strategy, in a collection, you always create a “flagship product” that attracts the customers even if ultimately it is not the one they will buy. This product is used to give a precise image of your positioning with this collection. It must be at the center of your collection, the centerpiece on which you will advertise.

The rest of your collection will revolve around your leading product. Each piece you create is therefore linked to the theme of your collection and forms a common story.

How to create and launch a collection?

The good news is that when you work with Luftkuss Atelier artisans, you don’t face with any technical or creative difficulties in the preparation of a collection. And you may choose to participate only in the fun and creative side of the business.

It is important not to launch your collection blank, without warning your customers several weeks before.For that, already announce your new collection as soon as you start making or drawing it. To do so, share some photos of drawings or “ work in progress ” on social networks or your blog. When you write articles on your blog on another topic, finish it by writing a note on your new genre.Organize a photo shoot to showcase your creations and provoke purchasing online. You can also create a video or blog post about your inspirations and the collection.

Now you now know the secrets of a collection and a successful launch. Creating collections can be a great way to liven up your brand and attract new customers. Not to mention the loyal customers who must find your artistic signature in all your collections, otherwise, they will no longer follow you. Now it’s up to you to apply this to your brand and perfect your launching technique over time.


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