Whether canvas, flannel, or jersey, today we will tell you about 10 types of fabric that you should know. Get to know great fabrics with us in our little fabric science and let yourself be inspired for your next project!

About the material, fabrics are differentiated based on the type of their fibers. They are divided into animal fibers such as wool and silk, vegetable fibers such as cotton and linen, and chemical fibers such as cellulose and synthetics.

If you don’t want to differentiate according to material, but rather according to the type of weave, there is a subdivision into woven fabric, knitted fabric, cuff fabric, and knitted fabric.

Woven fabric means that the fabric is woven when it is made. This includes, for example, cotton fabrics, but also viscose fabrics. The terms “woven fabric” and “cotton fabric” are often used synonymously, with “cotton” only describing the material and not how the fabric was woven. To put it simply, woven goods are woven fabrics.

In contrast, there is knitwear knitted fabric and when it comes to knitwear, we don’t have to think wrongly about stitches when crocheting. Even with knitted fabrics, the fabric only consists of a single thread and is looped into one another like a mesh and placed in loops. This makes the fabric nice and elastic and can be used as clothing. Knitted fabrics include, for example, jersey, interlock jersey, or cuff fabric.

The focus of this article is not on the different materials, but on the types of fabric that you should know and with which you can do fantastic things.


Canvas:  Great, solid cotton fabric, which has its origins in seafaring and is nowadays very popular for sturdy bags, pouches, or seat cushions. The fabric is very tightly woven from strong yarn and refers to the historical sailcloth that we know from shipping. Canvas is traditionally made from natural fibers such as cotton, linen, or hemp, but it is also mixed with chemical fibers. In the case of maritime use, it is often impregnated or coated and otherwise used for sun protection. Backpacks, hats, or jeans are used.

Flannel:  When you hear the word “flannel” you will probably first associate it with pajamas. Flannels are a fabric made of wool, cotton, or viscose, roughened on the outside and fluffy and relatively light. Nevertheless, they warm, are absorbent and feel cozy. They are very popular for men’s shirts, children’s clothes, and bed linen.

Fleece: Similar to flannel, fleece is very thick and cozy. It is a voluminous velour fabric that is mostly made of polyester. It stores warmth incredibly well and is very popular for sweaters and baby clothes or blankets.

Jersey: The term is often used as a synonym for elastic fabrics, but there are many variations of jersey fabrics. Jersey is often made from a mixture of cotton and viscose, but there are jerseys even made from pure silk. The elasticity of the fabric varies depending on how high the proportion of synthetic fibers used is. Jersey is generally a very elastic and soft fabric that is great for clothing. Jersey is a knitted fabric and is often used for shirts or elastic dresses.

Chambray: This is a softly woven fabric made of cotton or linen. The threads are made of two different colors, so the surface usually looks more elegant. Chambray is often used for shirts and tunics and is often found plaid or striped.

Chiffon: This fabric consists of very fine threads, is incredibly delicate and slightly transparent, and consists of natural fibers such as heavily twisted silk or crepe yarn. It is also often made from man-made fibers such as polyester. Chiffon is perfect for airy blouses and tunics, has a fine surface, and falls very slowly and elegantly due to its low weight.

Jeans: You must know jeans fabric, but many sewers don’t have this great fabric on their creative radar. It is a very robust and strong fabric made of cotton and consists of a mix of light-colored threads and indigo-blue threads. This creates the slightly striped fabric structure and looks great on trousers and denim jackets.

Jacquard: Jacquard fabrics are woven or knitted and usually have an exciting pattern made up of several threads. They are often used for rough pillows or other home textiles. However, you can also use them for clothing and thereby achieve a great look. From the orange and white jacquard fabric to many other chic patterns, you will find what you are looking for with us when looking for great jacquard.

Lycra: Mixed with cotton, the elastane fiber Lycra is ideal for underwear. The fabric is very elastic due to its composition and adapts incredibly well to the body. You’ve probably come across Lycra in swimwear. Bathing suits and bikinis are usually made of Lycra, which in this context consist of polyamide and elastane. So how about a homemade bikini? The hit for the next visit to the swimming pool!

Interlock jersey: The fabric falls under the generic term of jersey fabrics and is characterized by the fact that the fabric is knitted with two rows of needles and is overall somewhat firmer. The edges also curl less than with a normal jersey. Interlock is very popular for T-shirts, sportswear, and underwear and is very comfortable.

Don’t worry if you can’t decide which ones to use on your designs. Our designers and artisans will guide you and find the best matching fabric for you if you choose to work with Luftkuss.


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