Fashion manufacturing is a hot topic. It is an especially highly profitable niche in terms of ecommerce. That is why every day we witness a new startup go into the business and launch their online stores.

The greater the profit, the greater the competition. The best thing to stand out from this competition is to find unique products to sell. Then you will need unique designs. You will also need to work with a clothing manufacturer to turn these designs into real products.

When it comes to choosing the right clothing suppliers there is a whole lot to consider. Let’s dive into details.

If you are already working with a clothing manufacturer or thinking about working with a new one, you should definitely seek for these qualities.

Learn if they have strict quantity limits

If you are a fashion startup or an independent designer who is about to go into the business, then you won’t need mass production. Then you will seek best quality garment production with limited quantities. Most apparel manufacturers have minimum quantity limits which are mostly high in number. In this case, you will have to get off the table before you get to other issues yet. If you find a manufacturer with a flexible production approach, hold onto them tight.

Investigate supplier capabilities

Your garments to be produced will be beyond just fabric pieces. Depending on your clothes’ style, you will also need many other components such as buttons, hangers, zippers etc. And each of these components has their own set of problems. If the manufacturer is not producing all of the components that are required to produce your product, be aware that the components they purchase meet the quality standards you seek.

Ask if they give creative or strategic assistance

If you are new in this business you will need more than clothing production. You will need to have a proper brand identity and strategy to promote your fashion brand. Some manufacturers have their own creative partners or offer in-house creative and strategic marketing solutions such as brand design, brand strategy, positioning, pricing, social media management and other marketing solutions. If you are lucky enough to find a manufacturer with these capabilities do not worry about the rest.

Visit their atelier

Evaluating a clothing manufacturer for your e-commerce store will require a lot of research, and scheduling a visit to the factory itself is one them. Do not overlook this step and do not hesitate to see their capabilities with your own eyes. In this way you will witness what production model they have, what kind of people they are working with or what kind of working environment they have in general. By just visiting the place, you can come up with an idea that you hadn’t thought of before and put it into practice with your production partner.

You have just met Luftkuss.

These are the basic elements you need to look for when choosing a clothing manufacturer. As you get into the business, you will encounter many other details, but you rather experience these by meeting with your reliable manufacturing partner.

At Lufktuss we offer you a holistic approach for your ecommerce journey. We offer you the finest quality apparel production with flexible quantities. Whether you have an established fashion brand or preparing to start a new one, luftkuss is your reliable partner for apparel design, production, consultancy, and creative resources. Every idea is valuable, and welcome here. Let’s hear about yours and start collaborating.

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