It’s almost time to say goodbye to the summer that started late but we can’t get enough of it. This being the case, we wanted to review the prominent trends throughout the season. It is also the right time to invest in items for next summer to your wardrobe by taking advantage of seasonal discounts. While the month of August contains all these beauties, it is also a period that symbolizes the beginning of autumn. Let’s check out the trends on radar and complete your shopping list according to your needs.


Asymmetrical pieces are both remarkable and somewhat difficult to use. But each one is extremely interesting. Although it may seem difficult to combine, they are garments that create wonders when worn and attract attention with their difference. With options ranging from accessories to clothing, matching and combining them is as enjoyable as playing games. In order to eliminate this confusion and difficulty, focus on contrasting colors, fabric types, and accessories. Sometimes the two most contradictory pieces can create a wonderful unity.

Crop tops

Crop tops, sometimes called half tops, have been popular in recent years. Although it does not seem suitable for everyone, those who get used to it cannot leave it ever again. The options for crop tops, which are striking with their colors and patterns, are increasing with each passing season. The pieces, which are also extremely comfortable in combining, can take the lead in your travel suitcase. Whether you use it in overalls or with skirts and trousers, each one definitely creates a different atmosphere.

One piece

One-piece is a trend that always evolves and will continue to evolve. It always creates convenience with its wear-and-go style. Some pieces are so remarkable that you don’t need any other details and you can look amazing with just one piece. Dresses and overalls, which are now frequently used in daily use, are the saviors of the last days of summer.

Bucket hats

The hat is an accessory that always has a problem, looks great for some, and can look bad for others. When it comes to bucket hats, things get a little more serious. Face lines and haircuts are very important for bucket hats that really suit very few people. But they are available in so many colors and patterns that everyone has gone to get their hands on it at least once. Although it is considered one of the main trends of the season, it would not go without saying that it looks great when it suits you.


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