You have probably heard the term “Wearable Technology” quite often in recent years. Especially big sponsorship agreements made by elite athletes contributed greatly to the development of it. Data collected during team or individual competitions has also become rewarding for companies. So much so that studies on the marketing of this data have already started. In daily life, the benefits brought by wearable technology are innumerable. Let’s check out some of the products that show the value that wearable technology adds to our lives.


AirZ – Reusable Mask

We are going through a difficult pandemic period. It is a period where face masks have become the first thing we check before leaving the house. AirZ is designed to save you the trouble of masks. You can control how fast the air will flow inside, thanks to the filters that can be easily changed as soon as you put on the mask. The reusable mask offers three different active airflow rates. Designed with a built-in fan, the product allows breathing only after passing through five layers of protective filters. Thus, it not only breathes clean air, but also prevents sweat and fog inside this mask. So even if you do sports or light exercise, AirZ allows you to breathe easily. The mask is said to meet PFE and ASTM 2101 standards and remove 99% of airborne particles.


Thin Ice – Smart Vest

Thanks to the world’s first wearable smart vest, you can burn fat and lose weight during sports. Effectively pumping heat from the body, Thin Ice smart vest uses battery-powered Peltier-based cooling technology. By burning an estimated 1,000 calories a day, it also helps you burn fat and lose weight. Thin Ice is controlled by a smartphone app. The vest’s technology strategically cools parts of the body with high concentrations of thermoreceptors that stimulate the brown adipose tissue pathway. Thanks to this method, you burn fat to generate heat, and you lose calories accordingly.


NANO.BIC – Smart Training Suit

If you want to take your training to the next level, NANO.bic may be the product you are looking for. This workout gym suit provides you with electrical muscle stimulation and can be used for a wide variety of sporting activities and athletic goals. Suitable for indoor and outdoor activities, the product also has a wireless user-friendly control panel and a wide range of customizable exercise programs. Since it works the target muscle groups, it also saves you time. With just a 20-minute training session, you get a three-hour fitness workout.


BLACKSOCKS Smarter Socks Plus – Smart Socks

Smart glasses, smart shoes, smart watches, smart bracelets… And now it comes to socks. Blacksocks Smarter Socks Plus+ socks start collecting data from the moment they come out of the package. The socks, which provide information with RFID technology through an application you download to your smartphone, statistically report how long you have been using them, how often you have worn them and how many times you have washed them. You can also see whether your socks are wearing or not through analytical data. In this way, you can be more planned and programmed while exercising or using it in daily life.


Posture Reminder T-Shirt

The Posture Reminder T-Shirt, as the name suggests, influences your posture and you’ll get a great stand when you wear it. The smart t-shirt has a smart back panel that will guide the wearer to keep the shoulder points together, reminding you to sit straight at all times. As a result, your spine is aligned and the muscles are activated instantly. As you gain muscle memory over time, you’re constantly starting to sit with better posture.


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